Google Analytics Setup Package

Track and visualize the goals and metrics that matter to you while filtering out the noise in Google Analytics from day one. All for a one-time fee of $1,000.

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Customized Goals

Track contact submissions, subscribers, downloads, and more.
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Dashboard and Reports

See all your sites important goals and metrics at a glance with our easy-on-the-eyes dashboards and reports.
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Filtering & Future-Proofing

Track custom dimensions and traffic sources today for the questions you’ll have tomorrow while filtering internal and spam traffic.



A dedicated developer will custom install your new Google Analytics instance on your existing site in less than a week. The package is compatible with any type of site—from WordPress, to custom-built websites, to everything in between—and will be installed on your site with Google Tag Manager per best practices.

We also provide thorough documentation so you can make modifications later, as needed.

New Setup


A brand new best practices Google Analytics setup.

Update Existing


Update your existing setup with the package.