Google Tagmanager

We can set up Google Tag Manager on any type of site, whether you’re using WordPress, Shopify, or a custom web app.

Google Tag Manager makes it easy to set up, maintain, and update all your marketing and analytics tags. We can quickly and sustainably integrate all of your tools into your site including Google Analytics, GoogleAds, Facebook, and Bing.


  1. Track form submittals in Google Analytics on a WordPress site
  2. Send ecommerce data from a custom web app to both Google Analytics and Bronto
  3. Track product engagement on a custom single page app
  4. Send affiliate revenue to Facebook pixels
  5. Track Shopify purchases in Google Ads
  6. Copy Squarespace form submittals to Salesforce leads

Bottom Line

Google Tag Manager is the industry standard way to implement all of your analytics. With it, you’ll have the power of a custom analytics developer without having to be a custom analytics developer. But setting it up properly can be tricky. Work with us and we’ll make sure it’s done right so you get all of the advantages with none of the hassle.